Tkaczki / Die Spinnerinnen

Tkaczki / Die Spinnerinnen
Author unknown, Fotolizenz: Creative Common, Image design: Joanna Niemiec

Regie, Konzept und Textbearbeitung:

Agnieszka Salamon


Aleksandra Cwen, Claudia Heu, Johnny Mhanna


Agata Kobylinska, Marta Madejska

Dramaturgical assistance:

Claudia Heu

artistic collaboration and screen printing:

Stephka Klaura

Assistant director:

Caterina Pfeffer


Maciej Salamon

Concept development:

Steffi Wieser

Constume design consulting:

Andrea Költringer


Hannes Bickel, Aleksandra Cwen, Claudia Heu, Luzia Heu, Momo Jiamoxin, Johny Mhanna, Caterina Pfeffer,  Agnieszka Salamon

Sun, 15.9., 19:00–21:00

FabricFabrik, Koppstraße 23, 1160 Wien

Tue, 17.9., 19:00–21:00

FabricFabrik, Koppstraße 23, 1160 Wien

Wed, 18.9., 19:00–21:00

FabricFabrik, Koppstraße 23, 1160 Wien

Die Spinnerinnen / Tkaczki 
theatrical performance installation 

Since the industrial revolution, the capitalist system used textile workers as cheap labor power in the mechanical craft industry in Poland. Gaining a respected reputation as workers in a key industry after the Second World War, but with their actual living conditions hardly improving, these women* became one of most significant groups of workers that opposed the regime. Although their protests were of enormous importance for the political transformations, they were nearly forgotten by male-dominant historiography. Their history is the story of the revolution of women workers*, who discovered the power of unity and who developed new opportunities together, and, above all, a sense of self-worth in solidarity with one another. It is a story that is manifested through oppression, union, and strength, which introduced the struggle for personal and social freedom, gender equality and equity through rebellion. Departing from the book ­Aleja Włókniarek (The Avenue of the Weavers), by Marta Madejska, the history of Polish women workers and revolutionaries will be told in this theater performance through translated interviews and written records, set in the screen print atelier FabricFabrik of Vienna’s 16th district.

Free entry!
ATTENTION! Limited number of participants. Please register via until Sept 12th 2019.
Event languages: German, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese
The location can be accessed at ground-level, without barrier-free toilet.