Feminist Meme School

Feminist Meme School
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Chief editor:

Caren Miesenberger


Denise Palmieri

Sat, 14.9., 17:00–20:00

Temporary editorial office for memes

Lazy Life, Burggasse 44, 1070 Wien

Temporary editorial office for memes

The FEMINIST MEME SCHOOL is a temporary editorial office for memes. Memes are edited images that are produced and distributed in social networks. They comment on politics and society. During the FEMINIST MEME SCHOOL, in the framework of ­WIENWOCHE, we will transform our own experiences of discrimination into humorous images for the Internet, and will develop social and political commentaries on sexism and misogyny online. Humorous applications will be drawn from negative experiences, strength created from malaise. The memes will be shared live on the instagram account @feministmemeschool, thereby involving the digital public. The FEMINIST MEME SCHOOL should be a space for deconstructing hegemonic relations. The core elements of the concept are solidarity and empowerment. Every participant is an expert of their own treasure trove of experiences and is invited to share their competences. Memes are ­imperfect. Memes are fun!

Free entry!
Limited number of participants. Please register via reservation@wienwoche.org until Sept 12th 2019.
On request, there will be child care during the event. Please let us know if you want to make use of our available child care services in your registration email and please state the child(ren)'s age.
Event languages: German, English
Location can be accessed via mobile ramp, without barrier-free toilet. Detailed information