Who's Afraid of GMF? 

Who's Afraid of GMF? 
Selbstportrait: Gerda Matejka-Felden, Fotograf: Hannah Menne, Überarbeitet von Mischa Guttmann

A Project by:

Valerie Bosse, Hannah Menne und Agnes Peschta

Thu, 19.9., 16:30–17:30


Lehargasse 6-8, 1060 Wien

An action for making Gerda Matejka-Felden visible. 

Gerda Matejka-Felden was the first female* professor to teach at the ­Academy of Fine Arts Vienna – from 1945 to 1972. After GMF, it took nearly 20 years for another full professorship to be granted to a woman*. Despite the in-depth scientific analysis of her work and her numerous accolades, GMF has been completely forgotten as a pioneer of pedagogy and popular education. Three women*, whose biographies are closely tied to Schillerplatz, devote themselves to this blind spot: Valerie Bosse, Hannah Menne, and Agnes Peschta. GMF’s uncomfortable attempts at voicing herself to former wartime supporters within the pompousness of the classes in a nearly suffocating educational institution in post-war Austria culminated in a two-year disciplinary process with occasional hair-raising accusations. How long will it last until GMF is finally paid her due respect? When will the Academy of Fine Arts set an example? The ­WIENWOCHE project “Who’s Afraid of GMF” demands and promotes GMF’s visibility and approaches the responsible decision-makers in the same vein and in direct succession with this task.A project by Valerie Bosse, Hannah Menne, and Agnes Peschta. 

Entrance is free and registration in advance is not required!
Event language: German
location can be accessed at ground-level, without barrier-free toilet