We Work!

We Work!
© Eszter Korodi

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Red Edition – Migrant Sex Workers Group Vienna


Liad Husein Kantorowicz

Sat, 21.9., 18:00–19:00

Performative Intervention

Mariahilfer Straße 166, Ecke Karmeliterhofgasse, 1150 Wien

We Work!

“How do you differentiate between having sex for money and having sex for free? As a sex worker, the answer seems obvious — one is work, and the other is not!” Sex workers 
provide ­services! Sex workers use their bodies to make money just like any other workers would; from construction workers to surgeons, gardeners or bartenders – but sex workers are not afforded the same rights and protections as people in other fields. The first step to ending sexual violence against sex workers is to acknowledge the value of their labor and decriminalize it, as sex work is described the oldest profession in the world and it will go on, whether we deem it moral or not. “Any type of labor where the explicit goal is to produce a sexual or erotic response in the client, is sex work.” – SWOP / Sex Workers Outreach Project If the concern is safety, it should be safe and fair working conditions for sex workers. On the second festival weekend Red Edition will return to one of their beloved streets, Maria­hilfer Straße.

Entrance is free and registration in advance is not required!
event languages: German/English
location can be accessed at ground-level, without barrier-free toilet