open call poster 2022

Thank you

For waking up early to prepare breakfast
For washing, ironing, and vacuum-cleaning
For mending the clothes
For maintaining office toilets
For building the city
For taking care of the waste
For continuing to work when ill and weak
For embracing the undesired intimacy
For the swollen breasts
For the pain in the back and the hands
For the sleepless nights
For the care and affection
For delivering food and newspapers
For working in another country
For taking two jobs
For caring for the elderly
For going to sleep last

Does this seem familiar?
Where do you see yourself in relation to these roles?

Let us rethink our positions with care and affection for our actions and the actions of the people around us and around the world. We are all immersed in everyday life, fulfilling the tasks and sometimes even assigning them. Take a moment or two for ourselves.

What do we all have in common? How do we manage to find ways to express our discomfort and gratitude? We are strong to speak about our experiences. More of us would understand these than you might think. Your thoughts make us stronger.

You are seen and you are valued.

WIENWOCHE invites you to engage with the alienation, environmental and economic crisis that we are facing in the (post-)pandemic world. The struggles against underrepresentation, discrimination, and precarisation of the class, gendered and racialized body, and nature are interconnected in Global Capitalism. The caregiving, maintenance, and domestic work are unpaid or poorly paid, and feminized in the current political, economic system. Women*, binary vulnerable societal groups of indigenous and people of color, along with land are considered as resources to fulfill the needs of the desire for mass production. The earth is sharing the same environmental crisis, however, different societies have incomparable possibilities to deal with it. As an example; exported trash will counter-turn in a vicious circle, ending up as microplastics in our oceans and diffusing in our imported food.

The climate crisis and pandemic made societal injustices and inequalities more visible, as they endanger the political, public, and even private spaces of the lower-income classes and the precarious. The question of solidarity shattered. The frontline essential migrant and ghettoized Austrian workers, as well as seasonal workers in underpaid or undocumented positions, continued working overtime in uncertain, dangerous-to-health labor conditions. Staying at home for some was a compulsion, as the nature of their work did not correspond to the needs of the market in a digital environment. Limited physicality actualized the question of public participation, access, and contribution. Also, for the women*, the amount of reproductive labor and domestic violence was increased during the lockdown.

What do we have to unlearn in order to stop reproducing patriarchal stereotypes?

Do you consider yourself to be a housewife*? How can we develop awareness against undervalued care labor, considering your own?

Why do you not want to be a worker?

What is the relation between the care towards nature and the care for society?

What is your proposal for alternative ecological strategies sensitive to class, gender and race?

How could the struggle include children and elderly?

How to create a global care movement?

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Deadline: February 18, 2022

Selected projects within WIENWOCHE 2022 will take place September 16-25, 2022.

What we are looking for

Who can apply

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The application can be in a written form (a single PDF file) or submitted in a video format (2-3 minutes max. with relevant info about your concept). If you decide to send your application in video form, please still attach profiles/CVs and calculations in the written form).

The 2022 Open Call info-event

Zoom, February 2, 2022, 3–7 pm
Meeting ID: 876 5709 7614
Passcode: 095755


Zoom, March 7, 2022, from 10 am

Meeting ID: 873 2761 1004
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Mai Ling


Mai Ling, a Vienna-based association and artist collective founded in 2019, contextualizes and fosters contemporary Asian art and discussion with a focus on FLINT*. Mai Ling’s artistic practice takes a stand against racism, sexism, homophobia and any kind of prejudice, offering a discursive platform to share and collect personal experiences and activate socio-political voices.

Denise Palmieri

Denise Palmieri is a Brazilian performance artist based in Vienna. She is one of the co-presidents of the Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ) since 2020 and has performed on stages of TQW, Brut, Tanzhaus Zürich, and many others.

Luan Pertl

An intersex activist in Austria and Germany with a focus on peer counseling and education. Initiator and co-curator of the exhibition "Mercury Rising - Inter* Hermstory[ies] Now and Then" at SMU Berlin, and part of the editorial collective for the book "Inter*Pride. Perspectives from a worldwide human rights movement".