Artistic Archival Research. Ein methodisches Statement

There are three main ingredients to my research work—no matter if it isartistic and/or scientific (die Trennung ist für mich sowieso künstlich,research to me is a creative matter anyways), no matter if archives areinvolved or not, no matter if I research for WIENWOCHE, my researchprojects or my arts and cultural production projects … Intuition Trial … Read moreArtistic Archival Research. Ein methodisches Statement

We want to provide you with some insights.

A page from the booklet "Wienwoche is 10." Illustrates the many people involved in making the event happen.

There are many artists and activists living in Vienna, some old residents, and many newcomers. All of them deserve to have the same chance. WIENWOCHE sees itself as a platform for their talents, to meet locals, and to get together – to enhance their chance for participation. But WIENWOCHE is not only what happens during … Read moreWe want to provide you with some insights.


Cover of the booklet "Wienwoche is 10." Features the number 10 in big digits.

Art and activism, queer feminism, migration, non­-Eurocentric knowl­edge, accessibility, decentralization of spaces, collective and individual processes, these could be just words, but they express some of the cura­torial principles that WIENWOCHE has embraced since its beginning. Over those ten years, the festival has rooted its crit­ical voice in Viennese cultural society and, while it is … Read moreWIENWOCHE is 10!