What was it like, being part of the WIENWOCHE

My name is Negin (she/her).

As a refugee artist, who lived as a non citizen for more than 6 years in Austria,

I also were not allowed to work or study here till last August; lived as a deformed object with identity crises and experiencing everyday fear of deportation and feeling rejected by the system and society,

being part of one of the the Wienwoche 2019 projects, as a member of an amazing feminist female Chor group, gave me so much power, safety and strength.

I could scream my rights as a woman, I could stand up for myself… I had the power to continue fighting and that’s one of the reasons, I started to study performance art in the Academy of Fine Arts. 

I am not that ashamed, fearful, full of remorse anymore, but I am a woman who knows how to fight for her rights and what social class fight is.

Hope to see you again this year.


Best regards

Negin Rezaie