Art and activism, queer feminism, migration, non­-Eurocentric knowl­edge, accessibility, decentralization of spaces, collective and individual processes, these could be just words, but they express some of the cura­torial principles that WIENWOCHE has embraced since its beginning. Over those ten years, the festival has rooted its crit­ical voice in Viennese cultural society and, while it is known interna­tionally, its distinctiveness lies in the fact that it is local. As an art and activist festival, WIENWOCHE proposes to interfere in political spheres, engaging with marginalized groups and working to strengthen vulnerable positions in society. It intervenes in spheres where racism and struc­tural discrimination is at stake. Because for WIENWOCHE Vienna clearly belongs to all its inhabitants – cultural and art spaces as well as the institutions are to be open to all. Experience and knowledge are not to be localized but seen from a broader perspective and openness to different knowledge that does not come only from the narrow geopolitical matrix of the Western European thought.

Nataša Mackuljak (2021): 10 years of WIENWOCHE retrospective. In: WIENWOCHE is 10. p. 36. eds.: Nataša Mackuljak, Persson Perry Baumgartinger. Wien.