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A project by:

Julischka Stengele

Project assistant:

Clara Hofmann


Alex Alvina Chamberland, Alex Franz Zehetbauer, Benjamin Sebastian, Denise Kottlett, Jules Joanne Gleeson, krëlex zentre (Maria Vilkovisky, Ruthie Jenrbekova), Monika Freinberger, Monstera Deliciosa, Rosa Wiesauer


Lilly Pfalzer


Juliane Saupe



Förderpreis der freien Szene Wien 2020

Sun, 15.9., 14:00–20:00


Start at 2 pm by the 48A bus stop “Otto-Wagner-Spital” on the corner of Baumgartner Höhe and Raimannstraße

approx. 2-4:30 pm performances part 1
approx. 4:30-6 pm discussion
approx. 6-8 pm performances part 2

Otto Wagner Spital, Baumgartner Höhe 1, Pavillon 22 und Pavillon W, 1140 Wien

partially barrier-free 

Queer Femininities in Action 

A one-day festival dedicated to celebrating and discussing the various existences, practices and desires of queer fem/femme identities through action. The devaluation of femininity and the pathologization of queer desire, gender non-conformity and body diversity is a long-standing issue. The witch hunts never ended. They transformed, and the legacy of patriarchal violence lives on under different names. Ten local and international queer/trans/ non-binary artists will present several performances, both indoors and in the surrounding nature on the premises of present-day Otto-Wagner-Spital, a psychiatric hospital complex that was a site of Nazi crimes. The subversive potential of feminine forms of expression will be further explored in a moderated talk.

The event is fully booked!
Free entry!

The event is not fully barrier-free. Most but not all spaces are wheelchair accessible. Further, the (paved) way from the meeting point is approx. 1 km uphill.
download extended accessibility info-pdf
Please let us know in the registration e-mail whether you are using mobility aids and / or need more information to consider your participation.

Most performances are in English phonetic language, few in German and some are visual, only.

On request, there will be child care during the event. Please let us know if you want to make use of our available child care services in your registration email and please state the child(ren)'s age.