Goddess in Diaspora

Goddess in Diaspora
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A project by:

Afro Rainbow Austria 

in collaboration with:

Jöelle Sambi Nzeba


Lawrita Akusinanwa, Jabou Tabedou, Sophia Ishola, Faris Cuchi Gezahegn

Portraits of the goddesses:

Hannah Feigl


Beste Cirak


Naomi Afia Brenya Güneş – Schneider

Sat, 14.9., 18:00–22:00

Exhibition opening

with performance (only  at the opening!)

school, Grüngasse 22, 1050 Wien



school, Grüngasse 22, 1050 Wien

Performance, Exhibition

Masquerades come with colorful costumes, music and dance. They bring blessings, entertainment, they have the powers to invoke curses and are highly anticipated events on large parts of the African continent. A masquerade is the connection of the human world with the spiritual realm, with deceased ancestors, with ghosts and spirits. They are a vital part of pre-colonial African tradition and mythology. Afro Rainbow Austria and lesbian Afro-feminist writer, poet, and artist Joëlle Sambi Nzeba are bringing the wonders of the masquerade to ­WIENWOCHE in a celebration of woman*hood. In accordance with the gender fluid nature of many traditional African deities, whose appearance often fluctuates between male and female, sometimes transcending the categories altogether, we don’t understand woman*hood as cis-womanhood. The performance space school opens it’s doors to Goddess in Diaspora from  September 14th till 21st. 

Entrance is free and registration in advance is not required!
Event languages: French with written translation in German and English
Location can be accessed at ground-level without barrier-free toilet