Salon Souterrain

Salon Souterrain
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Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe, Eric Abrogoua (actor/performer), Lukas Lauermann (musician/amplified cello), Claudia Sandoval Romeo / Eduardo Trivino Cely (Video) and Trajche Janushev (member of Red Edition - Migrant Sex Workers Group Vienna)


NO DEMOCRACY HERE (Germany/Palestine-Israel, 2018, 25') by Liad Hussein Kantorowicz.
An experimental documentary about political BDSM in Palestine-Israel uses BDSM practice as an allegorical critrique on electoral democracy. The film was shot on the streets and the voting poles in Israel on and around election day.

In cooperation with:

­­kültüř gemma, ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance ­Festival, Kultur in Bewegung and Radio Orange

Sun, 15.9., 20:00

Flex Café, Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Wien


Salon Souterrain is a format of the underground art space „Chateau Rouge“, created by performance-visual artist Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe, as a response to certain exclusionary dynamics within the European society. In partnership with violist Lena Fankhauser, founder of (CH)AMBER- an association for new chamber music, Salon Souterrain delves into various aspects and approaches towards this issue. It is a place of hospitality, a melting pot of people, styles, and ideas, and it engages in the systematic practice of dialogue. It looks at works created in all forms of artistic expression, but also includes the voices and presence of contemporary thinkers, writers, philosophers, activists, scientists, etc. In collaboration with Red Edition – Migrant Sex Workers Group Vienna, Salon Souterrain will deal with issues that link art and prostitution in various categories: prostitution as art, prostitution as a topic in the arts, the art of prostitutes.

Entrance is free and registration in advance is not required!
Event languages:  French and English
Event location can be accessed at ground-level, without barrier-free toilet