Opus Maleficarum

Opus Maleficarum
Albert Londe, Salpêtrière Hospital 1892, Übermalung: Elke Auer, 2019

A Project by:

Elke Auer, Eva Jantschitsch, Rina Kaçinari, Anna Laner


Bana Haddad, Ljubica Jaksic, ­Negin Rezaie, Eva ­Kindermann, Lisa ­Kortschak, Betül Seyma Küpeli, Sabine ­Marte, ­Cemile Gül ­Polat, ­H. Ezgi ­Karakaş Schüller, Ajda Sticker, Sakîna Teyna, ­Stefanie ­Sourial, ­Dolores Winkler


Lisi Lang

Image credits:

overpainted photography, showing an alleged hysterical fit

Förderpreis der freien Szene Wien 2020

Thu, 19.9., 18:06–18:46

Choral vigil

Vor dem Café Frauenhuber (Ecke Rauhensteingasse /  Himmelpfortgasse)

Sat, 21.9., 18:06–18:46

Choral vigil

Vor dem Cafe Frauenhuber (Ecke Rauensteingasse / Himmelpfortgasse)


The 13-person women’s* choir represents a rebellious body, sharp-tongued commentator and resistant entity. It tells the story of the repression of female* subjects in Europe and the necessitated violent implementation of capitalism. Departing from “Caliban and the Witch” by Silvia Federici, the choral vigil’s echoes deliberate over the history of the exploitation and expropriation of female* and colonized bodies and the intrinsic complicity of capitalism and patriarchy from a feminist, anti-racist, and anti-colonial ­perspective. The performance venue is the corner of Rauhensteingasse and Himmelpfortgasse in the first district, where, in September of 1583, ­Elisabeth Plainacher, the only documented victim of the witch hunt in Vienna, was tortured in the basement of the Malefizspitzbubenhaus before she was burned alive at the stake. OPUS MALEFICARUM is an 
angry, loud choral work in which chants and songs blend into a polyphonic accusation of the structural continuities and interdependent violent relations that function to this day.

Entrance is free and registration in advance is not required!
Event languages: German, English
location can be accessed at ground-level, without barrier-free toilet