Bildung zur utopischen Imagination

Bildung zur utopischen Imagination
© Pat Costa, Adriana Torres

maiz and das kollektiv – two migrant self-organizations – invite to a symposium of education for a utopian imaginary.

Tue, 17.9., 14:00–20:00

Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Wien


How can pedagogy provide reflexive and interventionary impulses for more just relations and educational practices? Departing from this question, among other things, maiz, das kollektiv, COMPA and EGRD are publishing a collection of contributions from Bolivia, Brazil, Germany, and Austria in a book in 2019.(B)  Globally, relevant political and social upheavals have happened in our worlds since the texts have been developed, however. How do we, protagonists of critical adult education in ­Brazil and Austria, read these texts today? How do we contemplate the practices and approaches described there? What has happened since then? How do we evaluate the situation? Do we analyze the upsurge of reactionary forces in relation to the many achievements that have been fought for through dissent over the past decades? Were we (not) prepared for these approaching struggles? Why? How do we take action now? How are resistant education and organization constructed in times of far-right governments and capitalist and racist necropolitics?  The symposium is intended to open a space for dialog with actors from the Global South and for a radical (self-)critique of professionals and activists in the field of critical adult education in Austria. As two migrant self-organizations, maiz and das kollektiv query each other and extend an invitation for discussion.


14:00 arrival, welcome words, presentation of the schedule
14:30 bis 16:00: lectures
16:30 bis 18:00: group discussions
18:15 bis 20:00: discussion in the plenary, goodbyes


Symmy Larrat
Sex worker, transperson and president of the ABGLT (Brazilian association for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans persons), coordinator of the transcidadania education project in São Paulo from 2015 to 2016, author.

Sonia Couto Souza Feitosa
Master and PhD studies at the USP – University of São Paulo, co-ordinator and co-teacher in adult literacy projects, coordinator of the Paulo Freire Reference Center, member ofthe extended executive team of the Instituto Paulo Freire in São Paulo, author.

Rubia Salgado
Teacher in basic education (focus: literacy and German as a second language), education and training of teachers, author, co-founder of maiz, since 2015 active member of the collective.

(B)Pedagogy in the Global Postcolonial Space.
The Educational Potential of Decolonization and Emancipation, edited by maiz, das kollektiv, COMPA, and Entschieden gegen Rassismus und ­Diskriminierung, published by Beltz Verlag

Entrance is free and registration in advance is not required!
Event languages: Portuguese with simultaneous interpretation into German

On request, there will be child care during the event.
Please let us know if you want to make use of our available child care services via email ( until Sept 12th and please state the child(ren)'s age.
The event location can be accessed at ground-level, without barrier-free toilet.