Not a Single Story

Not a Single Story
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#Qualify for Hope und and Produktionsschule bildung.bewegt Mädchen.

„Not a Single Story“ is supported by Hil-Foundation and BKA, in cooperation with WIENWOCHE

Mon, 16.9., 18:30–20:30

Book presentation


Djamila Grandits


Luna Al-Mousli, Amani Abuzahra, Natalia Hecht, Enana Najm, Wasan Alali and das Kollektiv ZukunftsKwizin



Brunnenpassage, Brunnengasse 71, 1160 Wien

FutureKwizin is a three-year participative art project of the Brunnenpassage with young women* who chose a critical, transcultural and aesthetic approach to the subject of exile. More than seventy participants form a diverse group with a lot of different life experiences, interests and perspectives. The collective diary “Not a Single Story” is one of a series of co-creative Workshops. Important topics of the collective discussions include: Refuge, gender, identity, feminism and shaping the future. These topics manifest themselves through excerpts from personal entries of the young women*, collective drawings and critical statements and questions. These are interwoven with free empty pages, in order to have space for your own to offer a writing practice. On this evening the diary “Not a Single Story” is presented in a panel discussion, where the young women* of the FutureKwizin Collective, Activists* and feminists* discuss.

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