MA16 – for a living monument

MA16 – for a living monument


Elena Messner, simon INOU


Vidina Popov


Kollektiv antikolonialer Interventionen in Wien and Diego Posse


Hor 29. Novembar


Eleni Boutsika Palles, Zuzana Ernst, Kathrin Herm, Mirjam Stängl, Max Utech


Fiktive Kollektiv

Project coordinator*:


Sun, 12.9., 15:00–18:00

Rally & Celebration

Karlsplatz, around the pond in front of Karlskirche, 1040 Wien

3 pm - Welcome and Ritual 

4 pm - Ceremonial speeches and choir

5 pm - Open space for thought and discourse

Dear people in Vienna! We would like to invite you to the annual celebration of the MA16 – Municipal Department for Democratic Historiography and Remembrance Practice in Public Space.

The MA16 was founded exactly one hundred years ago—on the 12th of September 2021. One hundred years of networking and discourse: we abolish, unveil, expose, unlearn, reinvent. Let's celebrate together and reflect on our actions. What have we already achieved and what are our visions for the future? 

tangent.COLLABORATIONS teamed up with activists and experts and designed a bureaucratic vision: The MA16 is an open, multi-perspective platform for a living memory practice in Vienna manifesting itself physically and digitally.  

The goal of this artistic-activist intervention is to open up new spaces of thought and discourse and to connect different current political struggles around monuments and history narratives in urban space. 

Developed in collaboration with

Eduard Freudmann, Elena Messner, Susana Ojeda + Daniela Paredes + Imayna Caceres + Marcela Torres (Kollektiv antikolonialer Interventionen in Wien), Lisa Bolyos (Plattform Geschichtspolitik), Ljubomir Bratić (Archiv Der Migration), Savo Ristić (Initiative zur Errichtung eines Gastarbajteri Denkmals), Suzana Milevska, Simon Inou, Florian Wenninger