Utopian Links

Utopian Links
Foto: D/Arts © sisigrant

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D/Arts Projektbüro für Diversität 
Sheri Avraham
Anna Gaberscik

Sat, 11.9., 14:00–18:00

Online discussion/networking meeting

Wienwoche & D/Arts Social Media Channels

Utopian Links is a social media campaign, that implements a little bit of utopia. We will find ways of collaborative and solidary togetherness and practice speaking side by side, being with and becoming together in the spirit of Donna Haraway.. The project focuses on questions about critical diversity and intersectional inclusion within art and cultural institutions especially in Vienna, as well as beyond. 
Thinking about utopias enables us to create a future we want. Thinking together is only productive when various voices, positions and perspectives are included. How can we create collaborative spaces of thought and action, in which we find hope and courage? This is the main question of our project Utopian Links, which emphasizes ongoing teamwork, which appears to be utopian. Utopia doesn´t materialize out of nothing. Developing a critical praxis, whether it´s artistic or theoretic, which works towards a more just future, is a constant process. For Utopian Links utopia is joint work that never ends as well as work that has to be done constantly and continually: questioning the status quo, reflecting about how we have arrived at this point and where we want to go. Ideally, utopia is always present, it is the impetus to change and the recognition of the work by all pioneers.  
With Utopian Links and different artistic-activist initiatives synergies are created. We start with the Moment Institut, IG Bildende Kunst, Through Our Eyes Project and the choreographer Michael Turinski, in order to formulate demands and translate these into visual-artistic formats. The goal is to join forces and voices and launch a visionary social media campaign for intersectional diversity and social justice in the art and culture industry. Moreover, there is going to be a networking meeting, which will be the second part of Utopian Links. At this meeting artists*, activists* and culture workers*, who tackle diversity and fight for it, come together to be part of a critical exchange and to continue thinking about the central concerns of Utopian Links.