Foto: Maria Pearl

Curators* and Performers*:

Elisabeth Tawanda Taruvinga Mtasa
Tmnit Ghide

Sat, 11.9., 19:00–21:00

a performance about black utopia

Sankt Ulrich Church
St. Ulrichs-Platz 3, 1070 Wien

CLUB DEMA – is a performance about black utopia. In their work, the curators* and artists* Elisabeth Tawanda Taruvinga Mtasa und Tmnit Ghide address the question of contextualizing different topics, like mental health, love as a construct in a non-capitalist context and work. They establish connections that at first glance aren´t apparent and are seldom questioned. How do spaces look like in which communities can form away from Othering? How do these communities look like – how do they form? How far is it possible to rethink futuristic structures – to dream of a utopia from today´s perspective? How can one apply traditions and at the same time free oneself from them? What role does time play in a utopia? How can we imagine leisure in a utopia free of capitalistic structures? Where do we draw the line between ‘free from discipline’, ‘being lazy’ and the privilege of free allocation of time. What does it really mean to yearn for possibilities of free development, do we not know what it means to be free? ‘CLUB DEMA’ aims to encourage people to rethink concepts, to question structures as well as coping mechanisms and strategies and, possibly to relearn them.  
Performances and self-produced music give an insight into their idea of a Black Utopia.