(c) Olesya Kleymenova/WIENWOCHE

Performance/procession, poster campaign

Artists: Margaret Clark Carter, Assange Fall, Luiz Lima, Enesi M., Alessandra Santos, Vivian Crespo Zurita


Poster Exhibition from 22.9. 

@ FLUC - Praterstern 5, 1020 Vienna

The question of class and collective care, when it comes from Black women*, has always had to find ways of resistance in order to survive.

We understand that we have been pushed into the role by society of negotiators within and also outside the context of sisterhood, community, and the broader society when it comes to labour.

As a mother, a sister, a girl, a woman, we find ourselves in solitude, historically having to endure these patriarchal, sexist, and racist systems. Now we want to recognize history in ourselves and show it to the outside in an empowered order.

Alessandra do Santos Silva and Vivian Crespo Zurita will present a ritual manifesto as a means of collective self-care in the form of an ambulant performance about transgressing Western understandings of past and present, invoking our own protection, channeling cosmovisions of the African Diaspora from the Americas and the Caribbean.