WIENWOCHE 2023 calls for a collective pooling of forces and voices against economic and social coldness. We envision a city without exploitation, exclusion, illegality, precarity and dehumanization and believe that only together we could create a warmer reality. 

With this call we intend to forge allyships, create places for gathering and reflection. We want to loudly interfere by artistic interventions and disrupt the logic of individual profit maximization. The anger accumulates!

We are cold while the world is burning

Don't forget to turn off your heating! Keep your room temperature low. Discipline will bring us out of the current crisis. (Home)office temperatures of both employed, self-employed and people in rising precarious conditions are getting lower. Until businesses, schools, cultural and social spaces cease to exist.

We are trembling before the energy crisis which is a part of a bigger clash of interests. The geopolitical tensions and strains reminiscent of the Cold War where again the poorest are hit the hardest by current developments, both in war zones and here on the ground. Whose gas we will be using is a matter of power relations filling the pockets of those who have been exhausting energy of the working people and nature for centuries.

Natural resources are not endless and they have their cycles to replenish. Wasting the energy from fossils, soil, wood, water and sun is a nonreversible process taken for granted. While the fossil fuel industry influences global warming, governments do not feel responsible for the increasing number of climate refugees. Borders are open for the markets, but not for the people. The rightful exchange does not happen either with the extraction of human and species’ time and energy. Care and domestic work play a crucial role in sustaining lives and systems, but its contribution falls out from the picture engineered to keep up with the established economy. Gendered and racialized bodies are forced to emigrate in order to perform underpaid (care)work, leaving their families, households and communities unattended. Surrogate bodies are exchanged for currency. The access to the labor market has been restricted by ethnicity, age, and ableness. Non-citizens are paying taxes from their increasingly unregulated and deteriorating work, without the possibility to participate in decisions directly affecting them.

Welcome new generations of post-migrant and international communities living in Vienna! Welcome everyone feeling oppressed by the exhaustive and exploitative forces of capital! Our minds, bodies and lands will not be colonized. Join the struggle! Let us learn from each other and sensibilize the needs and perspectives.

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Deadline: Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Selected projects within WIENWOCHE 2023 will take place September 15-24, 2023

What we are looking for

Who can apply

Applications modes

Please note that the artistic director and co-curator of WIENWOCHE are going to work with the project members on the applied projects and would like to exchange on the concept, budget, formats and locations. Projects are open for suggestions, discussions and further collaborations. Projects will assign their own conceptual/editorial, press/social media, production and finances team and include it in the budget proposal. Projects are open for festival schedule date suggestions and the proposed number of events by the festival curators. Projects will promote their events and come to all exchange and public festival programs. Projects will respect the deadlines suggested by the team. WIENWOCHE will host ecologically sustainable events and we kindly ask you to check the criteria on the following website:

Selection process

Please send us

The application can be in a written form (a single PDF file) or submitted in a video format (2-3 minutes max. with relevant info about your concept). If you decide to send your application in video form, please still attach profiles/CVs and calculations in the written form.

The 2023 Open Call info-event with Q&A

Monday, January 16, 2023


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